Meetings: Even Weeks on  Tues 6 PM, Lillis 262

Who we are:

TheScreen Shot 2016-02-21 at 12.53.09 PM University of Oregon International Business and Economics Club is a student organization devoted to the professional development of globally-minded individuals and the creation of a close community network of future leaders in
international enterprise.

A hands-on approach:

IBEC is a club that focuses on results and practical experience, offering its members a variety of opportunities for learning and fun. The club travels to cities all along the west coast for corporate site visits, invites distinguished guest speakers, offers various business skill set development and current events workshops, and holds large networking events with professionals from a variety of industries.

IBEC members initiate international projects that span across the globe, many of which have grown into non-profit organizations or led to employment opportunities upon graduation. In addition, many of our members seek international internships by networking within the club.

Members also take advantage of the many opportunity to build a more tightly knit group through social events of all kinds, from river rafting to soccer games to video game tournaments.

A globally-focused membership:

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IBEC is a channel for students interested in global business and international development at the University of Oregon. Partnering with the Lundquist College of Business, the membership uses our passion for internationalism to explore an increasingly interconnected world economy.

A commitment to internationalism places IBEC in a category different from what other LCB clubs offer. The members believe cultural awareness is the core of success in international business. Therefore, IBEC provide an environment that truly welcomes both international and domestic students. Members are involved in majors and programs across campus from journalism to international studies, from political science to business, and from foreign language to science. Whatever your major, like IBEC on Facebook, follow it on Twitter & Instagram, and stop by a meeting to check it out for yourself!

Find info/RSVP for our annual Black Tie Dinner Event: https://btd.splashthat.com/

Facebook: UO International Business and Economics Club

Twitter: @uoibec

Instagram: @uo.ibec

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